Shivanshi Tripathi

PhD Student
Ottawa-Carleton Bioinformatics Program

Shivanshi graduated with a Mater’s degree in Translational Medicine from the University of Helsinki, Finland. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Biochemistry with specialization in Bioinformatics. She is interested in elucidating the intricate molecular mechanisms underlying cancer initiation, progression, and particularly, therapeutic resistance using computational analysis of genome-wide high-throughput omics data. She has experience with analyzing bulk-transcriptome data and is currently redirecting her attention to single-cell technologies to profile the transcriptome and epigenome of cancer patients. The foundation of her recent focus stems from the understanding that intra-tumor heterogeneity has implications for cancer therapeutics. Thus, she is studying the genomic profile of tumors on a single cell level to identify biomarkers that can predict drug response. Alongside her current research interests, she is highly motivated to learn how to develop machine learning models for high-throughput data analysis.